Friday, February 17, 2006

Jam On It Lyrics

Jam On It, by Newcleus, is a damn fine breakdancing song.

Way back, when I got my "Electric Breakdance" cassette, I listened to this
song almost exclusively (that and "Rockit"). I got in trouble with my mom
because she caught me pointing out to my friends the swearword in the

"I don't need no fans to cool my ass, I just use my Superbreath"

Which is attributed to Superman, who came to town, to see who he could
rock. He blew away every crew (each day?) until he reached the block of
the Jam On Production Crew (i.e. Newcleus et al.)

This is just wrong. If you listen to the rest of the lyrics about the
Superman battle, it's obvious that it's:

"I don't need no fans to cool my AMPS, I just use my Superbreath".

They're talking about Superman's gear, his three-stories-high speakers and
woofers made of steel. To drive such speakers, he'd need some kick ass
amps, which would overheat if not using big fans, or the preferred
alternative, "Superbreath".

So I felt obligated to propogate my discovery/theory/unquestionable
knowledge..unless Cozmo D wants to correct me.



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