Friday, April 02, 2010

Corona Clipper...a good company

I bought the "Corona Clipper HS 3950 10-Inch Hedge Shear with Steel Telescoping Handles and Non-Slip Grips" at Lowe's for about 40 bucks.  They were on the higher end of the offerings at the store, but you should never skimp on real tools.  The tool has a great look, and the blades were rippin' sharp. 

The tool is a joy to use, very satisfying, and it simply annihilates whatever you throw at it.  In fact, I turn to these rather than my electric Black and Decker long handled hedge trimmer (which I love), because they're easy, and tearing up the vegetation manually is pretty badassoldskool.

One day, though, I was cutting some very minor shoots around the base of a tree, and I gave a nice chop to a branch, probably not more than a 1/2 inch thick, and the handle simply snapped, ironically right next to the "Forged for Strength" sticker.  So it sat on my shed workbench all winter (I'm lazy), until I was finally motivated to look up the Corona website and complain.  I'd had the tool for maybe a year and half, no receipt, registration, nada.

I got an email response from the Corona sales office within a day, and they took my address.  In about a week, I got a replacement via FedEx, no questions asked.  Nice.  I'm happy, because I still love the utility of the tool, and chalk up the failure to a defect in the metal. 

So I give the product 4 stars, because it was a 5 star until it broke (which should have put it down to 2 stars), but you gotta love good customer service.

But if it breaks again......